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SOCs today are challenged with too much data, disorganized processes, overworked analysts, expensive cyber tooling, and no real way to measure the effectiveness of any operation.  W@tchTower® provides the guide and expertise to enable Organization, Automation, Interaction, and Measurement across all security operations.

Data - Organized, Connected, Automated, Delivered to the Analyst Workbench.

SOC - Organized, Standardized and Process Driven, Comprehensive, and Reportable - operational in days...and sustainable.

Empower the analyst to analyze through automation vs. spending time gathering data

Detection Drives Security

Gain an understanding of how IOCs relate to CVEs; and relate to IP and relate to machines; and relate to tickets; and relate to other tickets — all which drives faster remediation.

Demonstrating security ROI is possible and necessary!

The W@tchTower® Platform

W@tchTower® is a comprehensive security operations management system that enables Organization, Automation, Interaction, and Measurement across all security operations functions…in a matter of days.

  • W@tchTower® Platform
  • W@tchTower® Maturity Model
  • W@tchTower® Data Mapping Logic
  • W@tchTower® Use Case & Analyst Scenario Workflow
  • W@tchTower® Threat Intelligence DB
  • W@tchTower® Analyst AI
  • W@tchTower® Interactive
  • W@tchTower® Dashboards & Reporting


W@tchTower® SME Support Services

W@tchTower® SME Support Services offers elite SOC consultative engagements and managed services to support all aspects of Security Operations.

  • 24 X 7 – 365 WT Monitoring Support (US-Based)
  • Off-hours W@tchTower® Monitoring Support
  • Surge W@tchTower® Monitoring Support
  • W@tchTower® IR Support
  • W@tchTower® SOC Assessment Services
  • W@tchTower® Content & Data Model Support
  • W@tchTower® Use Case & Scenario Improvement Support
  • W@tchTower® Engineering Support


W@tchTower® Leadership

  • Connect with Mischel Kwon

    Mischel Kwon

    Founder and CEO

    Mischel Kwon is the founder and CEO of W@tchTower. She has more than 35 years of broad IT and security experience, ranging from application design and development, to network architecture and deployment, to building and implementing security operations centers.

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  • Connect with Justin Monti

    Justin Monti

    Chief Technology Officer

    Justin Monti has nearly 20 years of IT and Information Security experience in the private and public sector, applying this experience to bring a pragmatic balance to security that is focused on a holistic approach to risk management.

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