When Threat Intelligence Alone Isn’t Enough

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Are you finding that your threat intelligence feed isn’t providing the level of protection you had hoped for? Sure, you get loads of indicators, YARA rules, and other content that protects you from potential attacks, but this content is generally provided without considering your unique business needs.

We define content as “the defensive data that security operations teams create to arm a network against attack,” and content curation is one of the core tenets of MKACyber’s security operations centers (SOC) and of our W@TCHTOWER SOC platform.

Oftentimes, the content deployed by a SOC to defend its business is derived from threat intelligence feeds. These feeds, for the most part, are one-size-fits-all solutions. They aren’t tailored to match the unique network architecture, threat model, and security maturity of the organizations they are supposed to defend. As a result, SOC analysts find themselves responding to irrelevant alerts, investigating threats that pose no risk to their business, and searching in vain for solutions to problems they lack the visibility to fix in the first place.

Our analysts strategically curate threat intelligence content so that the defensive content we deploy into your network serves the unique security needs of your business and aligns with your team’s specific security capabilities. This content includes:

  • security information and event management (SIEM) correlation searches
  • intrusion detection system (IDS) signatures
  • indicators of compromise (IoCs)
  • filters
  • protocol parsers
  • enrichment feeds
  • and really anything else you might input into a security tool to detect, mitigate, or otherwise block attacks on a network.

Ultimately, more threat data doesn’t necessarily mean better security: it has to be the right data.

If you’re interested in learning about what you can do when threat intelligence isn’t enough on it’s own, then download our white paper.

When Threat Intel Alone Isn’t Enough: Optimizing your threat intelligence with content curation.

A white paper exploring threat intelligence and content curation.

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